Municipal Advisor Registration and Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA)

Ridgeline Municipal Strategies, LLC (“Ridgeline”) and its advisors are registered as Municipal Advisors with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”). Our MSRB ID Number is K1294; our SEC ID Number is 867-02573.  None of Ridgeline’ Associated Individuals have worked for a broker dealer within the past two years.

The MSRB is the primary rulemaking body for the municipal securities industry in general and municipal advisors in particular. Their website can be accessed at The website includes, among other things, the municipal advisory client brochure, which describes protections that are provided by the MSRB’s rules and the process for filing complaints with appropriate regulatory authorities. The client brochure can be accessed here.

Ridgeline serves a wide variety of clients that may have interests that could have a direct or indirect impact on interests of other Ridgeline’ clients. For example, Ridgeline owes a fiduciary duty and duty of care a to each of its municipal clients. These clients may, from time to time and depending on specific circumstances, have competing interests. In acting in the interests of multiple clients, Ridgeline could potentially face a conflict of interest arising from such competing client interests. Ridgeline fulfills its regulatory duty and mitigates such conflicts through dealing honestly and with the utmost good faith with all of its clients.



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Ridgeline represents that in connection with the issuance of municipal securities, we may receive compensation for our services from an Issuer or Obligated Person, which compensation is contingent upon the successful closing of a transaction and/or is based on the size of a transaction. Consistent with the requirements of the MSRB Rule G-42, Ridgeline hereby discloses that such contingent and/or transactional compensation may present a potential conflict of interest regarding our ability to provide unbiased advice to enter into such transaction. Ridgeline represents that this conflict of interest will not impair Ridgeline’s ability to render unbiased and competent advice or to fulfill its fiduciary duty to the Issuer.

If Ridgeline becomes aware of any additional potential or actual conflict of interest after this disclosure, we will disclose the detailed information in writing to the Issuer in a timely manner.


Ridgeline has never been subject to any legal, disciplinary or regulatory actions.

Ridgeline’s most recent Form MA and each Affiliated Person’s most recent Form MA-I filed with the SEC may be accessed electronically at the following link.


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