Revenue Generation Strategies

The economic reality demands proactive management of public agency revenues. Rate and fee studies prepared by Ridgeline not only capture current service costs, but also timely incorporate upcoming increases to preserve and enhance fiscal resiliency.

Utility Rate and Fee Studies

Ridgeline supports its clients in ensuring adequate and high-quality water service by offering water, sewer, recycled water, and storm water utility rate and fee studies. Our approach is based on an equitable and fair allocation of all service costs to multiple categories of customers. We incorporate variable and fixed components and ensuring long-term fiscal resiliency of enterprise in the conservation-heavy environment driven by environmental concerns and drought conditions. As a part of our work, we support our customers during the Proposition 218 approval process, assisting with effective and transparent communication of the rate-setting methodology to customers.
Utility rate study - water

Service Fee Studies

When municipal services, such as public safety, medical emergency medical, facility rentals, project inspections, etc., are not covered by general taxes, it is important to have a well-designed and documented cost recovery program. Ridgeline can help you ensure that the fees that you charge properly reflect the total cost of delivering services. This includes not only the current direct costs (such as salaries, benefits, supplies, maintenance, etc.) and indirect costs (administration, data processing, vehicle maintenance, insurance, etc.), but also future cost increases, particularly pension contributions, which tend to grow much faster than inflation.

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Firefighters providing municipal services