Alpine FPD: $5,278,000 Pension Obligation Bonds

Alpine FPD: $5,278,000 Pension Obligation Bonds

June 8, 2022
Alpine Fire Protection District

The Deal:

Ridgeline Municipal Strategies, LLC served as a municipal advisor to the Alpine Fire Protection District on recent issuance of the District's $5,278,000 Taxable Pension Obligation Bonds (2022), privately placed as a bank loan.

The Scope:

  • Comprehensive pension liability assessment
  • Pension cost optimization strategy
  • Pension liability management policy
  • Issuance of pension obligation bonds

The Outcome:

Ridgeline helped the District develop and implement a comprehensive pension cost optimization strategy and a pension liability management policy. A portion of the Unfunded Accrued Liability with CalPERS was refunded through issuance of pension obligation bonds to achieve cash flow savings. The pension obligation bonds were privately placed as a bank loan. The Project allows for greater fiscal resiliency of the District and better utilization of taxpayer funds.

Ridgeline Municipal Strategies, LLC is an independent registered municipal advisory and financial consulting firm.

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