Current Topics in Fire Department Financing

Current Topics in Fire Department Financing

March 12, 2024

Is your fire department looking to finance a project?

At the upcoming California Fire Training Officers' Symposium in Fresno, CA on March 20 and 21, together with Chief Donald Butz of Lakeside Fire Protection District, Reed Glyer of Stradling, and Nicki Tallman of Oppenheimer & Co., the principal of Ridgeline Municipal Strategies Dmitry Semenov is doing a session on the current topics in fire department financing.

The session will discuss key considerations for capital projects funding (fire mitigation fees, grants and earmarks, bonds, bank loans, equipment leases, and USDA loans) and how the current financial market environment is impacting your department's ability to obtain financing.

The session focuses on practical aspects of capital projects funding:

  • Fundamentals of financial planning for fire departments
  • Fire mitigation fees in California
  • Grants, earmarks, and direct appropriations
  • Select appropriate financing tools in different market environments
  • Why interest rate is not the only criteria you should consider
  • What on-going responsibilities you have once debt is issued

A market update will also be provided, because even though we may not always know what the future holds, we should always know where we stand right now.

Hope to see you there!