So, You Want to Issue Bonds?

So, You Want to Issue Bonds?

December 22, 2023

Is your agency looking to finance a project? Our principal, Dmitry Semenov, together with Brad Rockabrand, Rudy Salo, and Nicki Tallman, did a session at the 2023 League of California Cities' Municipal Finance Institute in San Diego, CA, on the municipal financing process and the current state of the bond market. The session discussed key considerations for issuing debt (bonds, private placements, financing leases, and government loans - USDA, SRF, WIFIA, etc.) and how the current financial market environment is impacting your agency's ability to obtain financing. The session focused on practical aspects of capital projects funding: 

  • How the municipal financing process is organized 
  • What team members you need to have on board 
  • How to select appropriate financing tools in different market environments 
  • Why interest rate is not the only criteria you should consider 
  • How the yield curve can throw a curve ball into even the most well-planned strategy 
  • What on-going responsibilities you have once debt is issued 

A market update was also be provided, because even though we may not always know what the future holds, we should always know where we stand right now.

The session presentation slides can be viewed here.